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About BNR

Business Network Radio is South Africa's first committed business-to-business streaming audio station.

Business Network Radio (BNR), is the latest of Cape Media Corporation's multi-media approach to business to business communication.

The streaming audio radio station broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is committed to programming that keeps listeners informed and entertained. It is a prime spot for businesses to advertise and get their message across in interviews and speak to other businesses in their industry across the nation or indeed anywhere where people have access to streaming audio world-wide.

The radio station has slots that cover each of the industries that Cape Media's print publications serve, namely: mining; project managing; leadership; service delivery; black business; corporate wellness; investment opportunities in Africa; skills developments and achievement; road and freight infrastructure; shipping news and South African tourism.

Backing our informative business to business communications is a fantastic mix of classic tracks from decade-defining eras; music which you can listen to in your office, at home or when you are travelling and have access to streaming audio, so that you never miss an important announcement that is relevant to you and your business.

Cape Media's business is keeping the corporate world in touch with what is relevant and happening through print and digital formats. With our print magazines reaching exactly who they need to, they are niche publications for the industries that they serve. All of these magazines will have tablet and iPad applications by the end of August. Our online magazine platforms also keep industries abreast of what is happening in between publications.

Similarly, Business Network Radio is dedicated to keeping you in touch with business activity in the country and is the only radio station that serves the business community exclusively.

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